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I want to share a story. That was two years ago. Then I met with a girl called her Inga. Beautiful name. She was then about twenty-four to twenty-five. I am a year older. She worked as a teacher in the school of English. I tell you, as she began to babble something in that language, when to finish! Help! And her voice was so thin, almost child and dimples! In the morning, going to work on the bus, remember, as she moans, so again rises. But it's not about that. After a while, I noticed that Inga preferred not quite the usual enthusiasm. Once we sit, watching telly, and it suddenly starts to remember and tell me how it the day before swab of the priests went to pass. And so she told me, because her eyes lit up, that I myself had a feeling that I was there and saw it all, and maybe not only seen, but went through with it all. That is to say: "The girl will go down pants, shorts also lower, So-so, arrange legs wider. Yeah. In on, girl bend over and ass wider spreads: "And then insert it in the ass something cold and metallic, do not know what it's called, not an expert in medical terms, and twisted it out there ... her: Then I began to notice that Inga begins to prefer anal sex. That is first in the ordinary: Then in the ass. And what am I? I was even better, the old passions invade me with reversing prohibited. Now, when I remember how I was then well, breathtaking. And after that, she was tempted, and to teach children English. I do not know what she could teach them there, then. Once (in her words, at least) so I overdid it a whole day could not sit. So it should be. Even after some time it was about an enema to speak, they say, dear, put. I refused for a long time. Could not understand what it wrong with this plant? I put in my childhood, nothing good: However, it asked and asked. I have long refused. In the end, prevail upon it to me. But, she went, apparently, the trick is I do understand now. It was like this: we are hum in one of my friends at home, ate, drank, danced, and when they came home, began to complain of Inga abdominal pain. I do not know she had pain or not. She whined to three hours, all reasoned in hearing how well the intestines are washed: I say, drink a pill. It otmazatsya, they say, she is allergic to the pills. How long it whimpered, tears allowed. Even, sorry for the detail, farted a few times to confirm: In short, I broke down. Gastric lavage was postponed to the morning. She fell asleep, breathing heavily snub nose, and I tossed and turned, not knowing what to do: I'm not a doctor. The morning. I was standing in the kitchen, cook coffee. Inga is asleep. Need to describe it. I was lucky I lived and fucked in the ass very nice teacher of English. Perhaps this desire to fuck in the ass teacher English yskogo, from school I have left? I have some triples are. She was growing a little below me, inches 175, perhaps with a rather attractive figure. Her breasts were high, with a breathable warmth brown nipples, her ass was too cool - a round, soft and rosy. Hair short and black. So. Stand, cook coffee. I hear steps behind the kitchen is Inga in her bedroom wearing pajamas: white with red bunnies. She hugs me and whispers a sentence: - Honey, you do what he promised? - Do you? - It is something I promised (by the way, looking ahead, I will say that I did). - First - you! - Well, - I say. - Come, prepare the ass: She ran into the bedroom, of course, about any weight in the stomach of speech now and did not go. . I dovaril coffee. Pulled out of the closet a rubber bulb (not a doctor, I do not know what it's called) and a jar of Vaseline. With this wealth walk into a room and my eyes opened the following picture (for describing the memory ty): I first saw her pink heels, and then from five to podzhilok were white pajama pants, then my eyes appeared white thighs of Inga, and then I saw the pink buttocks with protruding hairs of the holes (it is slightly spread her legs, so the hair could be seen clearly) . Inga was lying belly pillow tucked under the upper part was Zadran pajamas to the chest. Hands she put it under his chin. She turned and slyly smiled straight white teeth and blue eyes. - What are we to put an enema? - I asked, rubbing his neck. - First I want to know their rectal temperature, - she said. - What's that? - I ask. - Insert the thermometer in my ass, and then tell me how much there: - again, she smiled. No, I knew that somewhere thermometers placed in the priests, but to see this never seen before. Yes I have and the thermometer was not like this: can a special needs? - Why? - I ask. - Well, put! - Vzbryknula her legs and buttocks as fractious child. - Well, well! And what a thermometer is needed? - Yes, all, my God! I found a thermometer. Has brought. He sat down beside the bed. A strange sense of feel. I feel the warmth of her buttocks. - Come, - she tells me. I'm feeling like red, I take vaseline on his right hand, pushing her left buttocks, insert his hand and smeared with petroleum jelly anus Inga. I heard it rumbled heavily breathed. - Ready? - Come on. He wiped his hands on a rag I present the thermometer to the pope, bitten lip, and gently, gently, slowly insert the thermometer into her ass. She arched her back, gasped. - Lie down for several minutes. - Uh-huh-at-a-a: She squirmed ass (more pubes) on my pillow, and I went for coffee. Before that, he washed his hands, but still had the feeling that they smell Inginym anus. Ten or fifteen minutes, I returned to the room. Inga is still lying on his stomach and his right hand he and took out a thermometer inserted, from the anus. . I took the thermometer out of her backside, she rolled over on its right side, showing me her shaved pussy. - Now Enema! - Glad to see it. - Yeah, - nod. I do not remember how many degrees on a thermometer was, but Inga said that everything is in order. She jumped out of bed, not wearing pants, wandered into the hallway, flashing already reddened ass. I'm rubber and vaseline thing prus her. She placed a chair in the middle of the corridor. - Sit down. I sat down. She came to me, continuing to blaze the pubis and eyes. Then he lay down on my stomach knees (explained that her mother as a child put the enema). - Stop! - She said, settled down on his knees. - What? - Water! Yeah, I forgot to collect the water in an enema. She jumps up from his knees, I'm going to the bathroom - to draw water. - Warm? - Scream. - Warm. I go back into the hallway, and she sits on his haunches fingers and the pope picks. Pushes the anus. Apparently trains before loosening. Again, I sit on a chair, she tangled in the pants, lifting up his shirt almost to the neck and I can see her breasts and her nipples are embarked. She lay naked belly on my knees, pulled a leg. . At this point I started to get up. She felt her stomach and looked at me and smiled. - Come on. To insert. And stronger, bolder, deeper Again, I greased her anus with petroleum jelly. Staring at the hole and the hair in the hole. Not that I had not seen them before, just in this situation: dumb, such as: How do doctors work? In short, greased hole, hand parted, strongly, I have specially made stronger to make it hurt. Some instinct appeared. And she did, just hums, breathes faster, asshole crawl on his knees. Rubs the pubis. Extended the hole with his fingers, raised rubber bulb very close to the target and suddenly said: - You should see now your students: She started, looked at me and at this point with all the dope I put her in the ass this thing. And clicked on it. I saw grown from surprise, pain, and apparently buzz in her eyes. Even the tears for a moment appeared: - N-s-ye-ah-ah-ah - she sighed. . I'm sitting, I think, what is it heavy, squeezing the bulb. Then a couple of times spanked her ass. That became even redder. She liked it, in my opinion. We are about something talk. She waited a while, then I pulled out of its priests empty bulb. She got up off my knees, got up next to me. I must confess, rubbed her tummy, then my hands went down to below: She lay on the floor on his back: Then she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Cocoa is loud. With aspiration. It seems she had an orgasm. At least, so she moaned only when climaxing. I frowned and went to smoke. Smoking is like weird. I smoked three cigarettes, when finally she called me. Inga came out of the bathroom, where undermining ala ass and everything else. We went into the bedroom. She finally took off in a corner and threw his pajama pants. She walked quickly and vigorously. I do not know why, but I suddenly wanted terribly to plant it in the ass harder. Although would have to be the opposite, in fact there to barter visited a thick rubber tube. I took her hand and led her to the bed, said to have got on all fours. Satisfied enema girl obeyed me in everything. She got on all fours, spread her legs wide, turned to face me: I once saw her open anus. . This lady teaches children English! What was more telling is not necessary. I finished quickly. It is, in my opinion, before the act, when puffing on the toilet. We parted in a month. . I'm for it no more experienced and exciting as excited before it stopped. Now she meets up with some doctor directly related to the enema, strokes, and a thermometer in the priest: He writes in an e-mail that it is good. I'm getting letters, I remember her open anus enema before and it opened my eyes. That's the story.